Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Lenten Fast

This year I am doing a limited fast for Lent. I decided to fast from Starbucks mocha coffee drinks because most of my cravings resulted in a purchase at Starbucks. I expected that I would learn to crave Jesus instead of Starbucks. Well, maybe that is is the final result, but I realized it in an unexpected way. 

I thought it would be difficult to give up my Starbucks. After all, whenever I craved mocha,  I would go buy one. I figured after a few days I would be desparate for a Starbucks and it would be really hard to tell myself, "No!" Instead, the more days that pass, the less desire I have for a mocha.  The spiritual lesson for me is the more I fill myself with Jesus, the more I will crave him. And the less attention I pay to Jesus, the less I will want Him.


Julie Ackerman Link said...

I have discovered the same thing in giving up Diet Coke.

Julie Ackerman Link said...

The following quotation is from an article titled "The Life Transforming Diet" by David J. Zulberg that came to me via email today:

"[E]ven the most entrenched habits, addictions and cravings can be overcome by new accumulated motivations, although initially they are much weaker. By implementing a new habit at the right pace, old entrenched desires start to fade. Old habits are slowly replaced by new ones. Eventually, a real change can and will take place."

Here's the web address of the article: