Monday, December 22, 2008

The Tahoe Experiment

Our family travels at Christmas instead of buying expensive gifts for each other. For the past 20 years, this has mostly translated into trips to Maui, where the days are sunny, the water is warm, and the breezes are always balmy. A lovely destination.

This year, for several reasons, it was decided that Maui was not going to be our Christmas destination. A couple of family members have always want to do a ski vacation, so this year we rented a house in North Lake Tahoe. The house is beautiful, big enough that a person can find a spot to be alone if needed. There's quite a bit of snow, although I think west Michigan gets the prize for snow this year! We are perched on a mountain, that overlooks Lake Tahoe. On a clear day you can see the lake through the pine trees. Very beautiful.

I think the skiers are very happy. Some of us are happy for quiet days by the fire, but I don't know how everyone will feel after the week is over. Does anyone have suggestions for next year's travels?

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