Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Bat Day

I think I have decided to write a book. I'm considering a couple of titles: "My Life with the Bats," "Living with Bats" "Close Encounters of the Bat Kind," or my favorite - "Going Batty." When we arrived home Monday, I noticed there were some dust balls in the living room - on the piano, on a couple of chairs, on the floor. My living room is always dusty, but this wasn't just normal dust. I dragged my husband into the living room, and said, "Something's going on here." He pooh-poohed it, of course, and said it was just dust and not a big deal. I tried to forget about it and I began to get to work. Later in the afternoon I decided to do the wash I brought home from the cottage. I picked up the pile of clothes from the floor in the bedroom and added a few items from the clothes hamper, threw them in the washer, and let the washer do it's work. Just before I went to bed, I quickly went to retrieve a couple of pieces of underwear so they could dry. I noticed something black on the bottom of the washer, and thought to myself, "What in the world did I throw in there?" As my hand went to retrieve it, I realized that what I saw was a bat! I screamed, pulled my hand back and ran to the bedroom and let my Prince Charming save me from the evil bat. I think it was dead. Prince Charming deposited the drowned bat in an appropriate place. When I woke up in the middle of the night, all I could think was, "That disgusting little creature was most likely hiding in my bedroom. I must have carried him in my arrms to the washer" Eeeeww!! So this morning, I am rewashing those clothes so that someday I can wear them again. I've had other encounters with these flying creatures. I wonder how many chapters I could write?